Our events

This page informs you about past and upcoming events.

Our intention is to organize

  • small events 
  • conferences 
  • forums for discussion

09 November 2022, CONFERENCE 2022: Competition – Meeting the Challenge

Link to program: 
WCNA Conference Programme_updated.pdf

3. March 2021, 4. WCNA Webinar " Arbeitsgemeinschaften und Kartellrecht" with Alexandra Ivanova and Hubert Reisner

9. December 2020, 3. WCNA Webinar "Person & Vision" with Federal Cartel Prosecutor Heinz Ludwig Majer

28. September 2020, 2. WCNA Webinar "Non-European Investors and Merger Control " with Silke Hossenfelder, Bundeskartellamt und Erika Ummenberger-Zierler, BMDW

29. June 2020, 1. WCNA Webinar "Current developments in Competition Law" with Dr. Thorsten Käseberg, BMWi Germany
3. July 2019: Networking Event "Competition Law and Consumer Protection"
Speaker:  Maria Semrad (European Consumer Centre Austria), Sigrid Tresnak (Austrian Federal Competition Authority)

5. December 2018: Networking Event "The ECN+ directive from the perspective of Austria" with MMag. Erika Ummenberger - Zierler (BMDW) and Mag. Verena Strasser (BMVRDJ)

9 July 2018: Informal kick-off gathering at Justizcafé in Vienna with Birgit Krueger (German Federal Cartel Office)